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EuroEyes Wins Honors For It’s Vision Correction Solutions With Stronger Commitment to China

Shanghai, China - ‘Euro Eyes’; Germany’s largest ophthalmology clinic group have been recognized as a world leading institution after winning a number of awards including the ‘Clinic best performing for Trifocal Lens Implantations Worldwide’ and the ‘Global award for excellence in vision correction’. The honors reflect the companies experience as a world leading global refractive surgery.
Euro Eyes have established the first Trifocal Lens Implantation Clinic in mainland China and are partnering with Chinese surgical specialists ‘Zeiss’ to strategically enhance their Chinese business operations and drive further surgical innovation in the eastern hemisphere.
At a recent media event Mr Maximillian Foerst, the director of ‘Zeiss China’, presented EuroEyes with the awards and additionally named CEO Dr Jern Jorgesen as the most ‘Performed Trifocal Lens Surgeon Worldwide’.
Dr. Jørn Slot Jørgensen is regarded one of the leading authorities in the field of refractive surgery. His prestige as a doctor has been instrumental in establishing confidence and trust in the expanding Chinese market. Over the past 25 years, he has successfully completed 100,000 eye surgeries and was declared the ‘leading German surgeon’ by focus magazine.
EuroEyes are based in Hamburg, Germany, the company have 25 years of experience with a faultless safety record and continued high levels of professionalism. Thus far 400,000 eye procedures have been carried out worldwide by EuroEyes.





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