Interview d'un blogueur chinois sur "comment se diffuse les buzzs en Chine"

Aujourd'hui une interview d'un chinois qui m'a contacté.
Il s'appelle Philip tient le blog Business 国际贸易

Introduce yourself
I want to create a company helping foreign companies to expand their business in China and vice versa. For our team is multi-national who understand the problem foreign companies will meet.

Explain to Us Where the big buzz in China start?
I have to say, now weibo is the best place for buzz in China and then spread to those big forums.

What chinese people like to read and share?
Different from other people, Chinese like beautiful girls much more and very sensitive to price and funny topics.

What is the best support to make a buzz in China?
Big website like sina, they can offer you strong support in this relatively closed and monopoly field.

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